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First Comes Love
First Comes Love explores the myth of the middle-class American dream. I am interested in the relationships between men and women as they attempt to reconcile this myth with the reality of day-to-day life. Using found, domestic objects that are coded with cultural meaning and gender stereotypes, I transform the objects with images and text to give insight into the narrative of quotidian life.
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First Comes Love is based on my personal experience as a wife, mother and artist. This body of work plays with traditional gender roles in middle-class family life that limit both men and women. My hope is that this exhibit will generate discussion about the ways we keep ourselves isolated and silent on issues that are important to us. Would speaking out potentially jeopardize our privileges and comforts? First Comes Love was exhibited in 2004 at the Peninsula Museum of Art in the heart of Silicon Valley, the site of the latest pilgrimage to find the American dream. [Installation views in gallery]

This project was funded in part by the Peninsula Community Foundation and the Puffin Foundation.